Design in recyclable plastic material

Our passion is to create stylish and functional design products with playful color combinations that will help you put a Swedish touch in your life. We inspire people worldwide with 100% recyclable collections made exclusively of eco- friendly thermoplastics.

Perstorp Design is now run by designer Christina Fäldt, that carries on the tradition and manufactures the classic Perstorp bag that was designed in the early 1950s by Perstorp AB. Many have tried to copy our classic design quality. Fortunately, people value authenticity and creativity. Indeed, the original. 

ECO friendly Polyethylene

Our products are manufactured from recyclable polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene is a completely organic material that is highly energy efficient to produce. A polyethylene product can be reused and recycled many times before it finally goes into combustion in a thermal plant. The only by-products of the combustion of polyethylene plastic are carbon dioxide and water.

Eco-friendly Green Polyethylene - Green Plastic

Our ”Green Plastic” products are made of green polyethylene consisting of renewable raw materials such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet. Bioplastics / Green Plastic can be recycled in the same way as ordinary plastic.

Nature looks at greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, as a raw material. That's what trees and plants are built from. When making Bioplast / Green Plastic, plants like corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet are used to capture carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into sugar molecules. The goal is to use as near-produced raw material as possible. Research is under way to produce sugar molecules from wood chips or straw.

100% Clean
Free from BPA
Melamin free
Free from softening agents

The story of the bags from Perstorp, Sweden.

1950´s -The first bags in plastic manufactured in Perstorp.
1950´s -The first bags in plastic manufactured in Perstorp.
2006- Resume the production  of the classic bag Perstorp.
2006- Resume the production of the classic bag Perstorp.
2013 - The classic Perstorp bag in new designs and two sizes.
2013 - The classic Perstorp bag in new designs and two sizes.
2015 - Ergonomic bicycle baskets in classic design.
2015 - Ergonomic bicycle baskets in classic design.

1881 Perstorp founder Wilhelm Wendt registers his company, then named Stensmölla Kemiska Tekniska Industri. The company intends to produce acetic acid and more.

1918, the experiments of Innanendra Das Gupta, a young Indian chemist, result in Scandinavia’s first plastic material – a shellac substitute called Indolack.

Perstorp AB emerges as Scandinavia's first modern plastics industry, with more than 10,000 different products in plastic. The first plastic bags are designed and manufactured in Perstorp and was named "Shopping Bag 329", but were mostly called the Perstorp Bag. The bag was designed to be used to carry home food from the store. The unique shape makes  the bag ergonomic to carry and stands steady. The glossy surface and the protruding stripes give the bag a stylish design.

The company undergoes rapid expansion and Perstorp AB lays the foundation for the leading chemical industry it is today. One of the household items that stop to be manufactured is Perstorp bag, as the grocery stores are starting to offering customers disposable plastic bags and Perstorp bag was seen as unnecessary to bring to the store.

Perstorp shares are introduced on the open market. In 1973, Perstorp Design AB (then named Sveaplast AB) was founded by Nils Johansson as a spin-off of Perstorp AB. Sveaplast takes over parts of Perstorp ABs plastic manufacture and continues to develop and manufacture various products in plastic.

2006 As environmental thinking grows, demand for the eco-friendly and practical bags from Perstorp returns. For the environment the best alternative to disposable plastic bags. The production of the classic Perstorp bag "Shoppingbag 329" is resumed.

2013 The collection of the colorful Perstorp bags is being further developed and 2 new bags in a new design are added. A bag the same size as the original and a smaller bag. Both with leather patterned surface, which makes the bag extra scratch-resistant. The new bags are named Sweden Bag.

2015 Manufacturing starts with ergonomic bicycle baskets. The bike basket is comfortable to carry and is easy to hang on the package holder.

2016 Design and development of various practical accessories for the classic Perstorp bag, including inner bags.

2017 The collection is accompanied by practical cool bags that fit perfectly in the Perstorp bag and the bicycle basket.

2019 Svensk Form opinion committee paid attention to the Perstorp bag "Shopping bag 329" and says that it is well designed and meets the requirements for handicraft. Which means that the Perstorp bag is copyrighted in the same way as a work of art.